4 December 2023
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Daisuke Matsui joins Yokohama SCC

Daisuke Matsui rejoint le Yokohama SCC

Daisuke Matsui puts on the cleats with Yokohama SCC. At almost 41 years old, the Japanese international has not said his last word. He is known to French spectators for his time at Le Mans, or even Saint-Etienne, Grenoble and Dijon.

Forced retirement and a troubled future

A time in doubt, the Japanese player had put his career on hold. The latter had been tempted last season by a freelance in the Vietnamese championship. The experiment had been inconclusive and the season stopped due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Daisuke Matsui continued to dabble in leather, but as a futsal player with Yokohama Sports and Culture Club in the futsal premier league. During this period, he said he wanted to train as a coach.

Kazuyoshi Miura, who was his teammate in Kyoto and Yokohama F.C., had encouraged him in the way of Futsal. He had said:

“I think it's interesting. Futsal is a difficult discipline, but Daisuke is able to adapt and succeed.

Still alive

You have to believe that joining Yokohama SCC was the best decision he could have made. Indeed, it is in this same club that Daisuke Matsui signs in the first football team. The Japanese club evolves in 3th Japanese division and wishes to move up the echelon.

Jiro Yoshino, coach of the team, came to meet the player of the 2006 and 2010 World Cups. By offering him his usual number 22, he made Daisuke Matsui understand that he would be useful to the club in its plan to build a competitive team.


Nothing beats experience

The main interested party mentioned the possibility of playing in the futsal team and in 3th division.

“I would like to be able to develop a different palette of play with futsal. It's a 6 to 8 a.m. practice, so I can use that experience for whatever time I have left after that.”

The Yokohama SCC will have to compose in a competitive division where the movements on the transfer market are numerous. Number of rivals strengthened and all have the same goal: the climb. A last dance in which engages an experienced Daisuke Matsui.


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