7 June 2024
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Thierry Chantha Bin launches his NFT

Thierry Chantha Bin lance sa NFT

On December 27, 2021, the Cambodian international unveiled a digital artwork. 5 copies are available purchase at a price of 0.0855 ETH (187 euros on January 27, 2022). Cryptocurrency, NFT and football, Thierry Chantha Bin decrypts these new trends for Football Live.

The origin of inspiration

For Thierry Chantha Bin, this desire to create his digital work first comes from a strong interest in art. Also an NFT collector and cryptocurrency owner, he is up to date.

He describes his NFT to us as intimate, it represents his identity and his culture. It links elements specific to the Khmer people and the player's personal history. The main elements are the Cambodian flag, the buffalo and the player's face. To reward the first buyers, Thierry Chantha Bin will provide them with a reward: “a pair of autographed shoes”. You can find the collection here.

Always learning and getting informed about NFTs

In the world of crypto, Thierry Chantha Bin is constantly learning and following the news. For him the link between football and NFT is obvious. He knows Sorare and even owns a few player NFTs. Regarding the legislation in Cambodia, he tells us that it is currently forbidden to deposit cryptocurrencies in banks. Besides, owning one is legal.

From Aubervilliers to Phnom Penh

Thierry Chantha Bin left Aubervilliers in 2012 to try the adventure in Cambodia. Originally from the country, he joined Phnom Penh Crown, a club in the capital. Defensive midfielder, on the field he breaks the opposing lines of play. The native of Villepinte has a busy career and even has 5 selections for the France U17 team.
In Cambodia, he was under the orders in particular of Keisuke Honda in selection which he qualifies as “very professional”. Keisuke Honda is a football lover on and off the pitch. Still active as a player, his passion never stops.


Tour of Asia for Thierry Chantha Bin

Thierry Chantha Bin has not only played football in France and Cambodia. Indeed, the wind also pushed him to Malaysia and Thailand. Regarding Malaysia, “it's completely different”. “Crowded stadiums”, “great fervor” and “great professionalism”. Training is more demanding with investors who bet big on professional football.

Back to basics

Since December 2020, he has been back in Cambodia, still in Phnom Penh, but this time he is joining a new project. Visakha FC, a new club created in 2016, with high ambitions. Finances are sound and investors are generous.

Thierry Chantha Bin still has a lot to bring to Cambodian football, even if today he says he is concentrating on his club performances. For him, the selection: "It's a bonus." Today, Thierry Chantha Bin thinks first of all about the present moment, even if he confides that he intends to return later to play in Malaysia, of which he has fond memories.

Her happiest time of the year : the birth of his daughter.

His advice for those tempted by the adventure in Asia : “Work and continue to work. Professional football is a demanding environment. It is important to give yourself the means to succeed.”


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